Boardroom Tables Buying Guide

When King Arthur (or his fable, at least) first used a round table rather than a long rectangular one to hold court, the result was a fundamental shift in the way that political feats were carried out within his kingdom. In the same way, a subtle difference in the boardroom table you choose can have a major effect on the way your business runs. This is one piece of office furniture where ‘near enough’ might not be ‘good enough’ – use our buying guide for boardroom tables to ensure you make the choice that is right for your company.


Oversize It

Don’t calculate the amount of space needed at your boardroom table based on how many senior managers will regularly be meeting around it. You’ll need room for regular guests, natural company growth, employees who might occasionally come to meetings, and even hosting outside groups.


A good rule of thumb is to double the amount of space you think you’ll need regularly. Or, you can:


Use a Modular Boardroom Table

A modular boardroom table will allow you to add or remove sections as you need to. This means that your regular weekly meetings will remain intimate, while still comfortably accommodating extra guests as needed.


Major watchpoints with modular office and home decorating furniture of any sort include:

  • Ensuring that space isn’t cramped and unusable when all the modules are in place, creating an unproductive and unprofessional space.
  • Make sure the modules are easy to carry and will fit through the doors when necessary!


Choosing a Shape

Each distinct shape of boardroom table has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example:

  • Rectangular boardroom tables fill out the usually rectangular space in a meeting room best. However, they often create the impression of having a ‘head’ of the table, and therefore a power differential. The sharper corners can also mean bruises!
  • Round boardroom tables create the least power differential between positions but are also the least effective use of space in a meeting room.
  • Boat shaped tables are a fantastic compromise between the two more common shapes. However, they must be carefully designed so that the ‘corner’ areas can still be used, rather than wasting space.


Choosing a Material

Look to the design of the rest of your office when choosing a boardroom table, and also consider:

  • How much writing will be done on it – wood is best for writing on
  • Privacy – glass top conference tables can leave people feeling exposed
  • Whether it will also be a space for drinking and eating – in which case the material should be easy to clean and maintain. Glass is a good choice here, but laminate is also suitable. Alternatively, you can plan for covers or matting to be in place on the table to minimise the wear and tear on the table.

Things to PurchaseAfter Buying a Home

While most people focus on the main show, buying the house, there is a host of things that need to be thought of after the purchase. You will soon come to realize that filling the house with the things you need will turn out to be more difficult than you think. After all, nobody wants a house with things they do not like.

If you have bought a used house, your first option should be to change the locks and keys of the house. The previous owner might have given the keys to a neighbor or a friend. Even if it’s a brand new property, real estate agents are known to give the keys to contractors. To keep yourself safe, it is best that you change the locks after you move in. of course, changing the locks to new ones can be quite an expensive process. For those on a budget, you can take the locks to the locksmith and get them to change the lock and re-key it. This is way cheaper when compared to replacing the locks completely.

If you do have a garden, a lawnmower would be an excellent and much-needed addition to the household. Even if you are considering hiring a gardener, it is still better to buy your own lawn mower. Talking about gardens, you will need a range of garden supplies. These include hoses, sprayer heads or maybe even a garden sprinkler. A trowel and a shovel might be necessary too, depending on how committed you are to the garden.

Consider getting basic tools and equipment to repair and fix items in the house. For instance, a screwdriver, hammer, and screws will help you put up a letter box. A nail gun, wrench, and a tape measure are a few other tools you should think of getting.

A BBQ machine might be a suitable option too. If you live in a place where it snows, you will obviously need ways to remove the snow from outdoor objects. Some cities even fine homeowners if they do not remove snow so do not skimp on this aspect. A snow blower is quite costly. Consider going for a second handed snow blower. If it is still too expensive, go for a flat or curved snow shovel or an ice chipper. Oh, and a salt is a great option for frozen surfaces too.

Depending on the house, you might want some sort of window covering to give you privacy. You will have a large number of options. These include a blind, a drape, a Roman shade, scarf, curtain or shutters.

The type of appliances you require will differ from person to person. Some of the basic things include a range cooker, a fridge, and a washing machine. Depending on your usage, you might want a TV, game console, rice cooker, and an electric heater. Towels and linen are also necessary. When buying them ensure that they match the house and more importantly, the room you are buying them for.

3 Ways to Help Improve the Quality of Living for Your Elderly Parents

Having parents living with you who need special care and support means you need to put time into taking care of them. It also means you might have to change your home layout slightly to better enable them to move around freely. Great care has to be taken to keep accidents and other mishaps from taking place. Making a few alterations around your home can help them live with minimum support. Here are few ideas on making they lives a bit simpler.

Flooring To Make Movement Easy

Consider installing anti skill flooring for the bathrooms and other areas that have the tendency to get wet. This is very important to keep and prevent the elderly from slipping and hurting themselves. Places like the kitchen can also get wet as the chances for spills to occur are high. There are many anti slip and anti-skid flooring option that you could consider. These flooring come in easy to install options and most of them can be done by yourself. Look to flooring that is light coloured as this will make it possible to see anything that has fallen. Things like pins and other tiny objects can go unknotted on a busy floor pattern, so something that is simple and clean will be best.

Change the Entry Ways and Doorways

If you have someone who needs special equipment like wheelchairs, it is best to remove steps and/or entry way bumps, and replace it with ramps and flat surfaces to make movement easy. For garage entrances replace steps with raps to make it possible for them to get in and get out of the vehicles easily. When the elderly parents go through a lot of trouble having to move around, they tend to get frustrated and irritated, this can bring down their emotions and make them feel unhappy. To keep up their spirits and keep them happy it is best to alter the home in such manner they feel that can handle most things on their own. This in turn will make them happy and boost their health.

Invest In Professional Assistance

Even though it is important for your parents to feel independent, it is important that they have some sort of in home support. These professionals provide services such as grooming, bathing and all needs associated with a healthy appearance. They are also trained and knowable in preparing meals according to the requirements of the individual concerned. If your parents are able to prepare the meals themselves they are able to provide help and assistance during meal preparation times. Thus making your parents feel that they are in control. Most of these service providers also assist in running errands and doing the basic shopping on your behalf for your parents.
Before you can hire any service, it is important that you asses your needs and then discuss with the individuals concerned. Their say and n put is important. At the end of the day this is for them and not you. Before taking up a care giver, make your parents to sit down and have a chat to see if they are happy with the individual before you can sign up to a commitment with them.

What to Consider before Doing up The Kitchen

As building your home or remodelling certain parts of your home can be expensive, one way to lower the cost is by doing it all, or partly, on your own. And your kitchen is one important part of your home that you would not want to mess up. So here are a few things that you should take into account before getting started.

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Measurements and Space Availability

Before you dive into anything, you need to look at the space you have. Otherwise, it is easy to end up with a congested kitchen. After all, you want to have a kitchen that you can move around comfortably and safely. So take down the measurements meticulously. That way, it is easier to later on allocate specific areas for kitchen units like the benchtop, cabinets, as well as appliances and other kitchen accessories.


Remember that planning is key. If you are reading this, you would most likely already have several ideas of how you want your dream kitchen to look like. So that is your starting point. To help you narrow down the style and what you want to have in the kitchen as well as the colour scheme, try online sites that specializes in DIY kitchens. Make sure to take your time when planning.


Depending on the number and age of people in the household, your kitchen requirements can vary in terms of the amount of kitchen utensils and cabin storage needed. Also, placements of certain kitchen units will depend on whether you have little children or elderly dependents for safety and ease of access purposes. For families that plan to expand in the future, there is also the consideration of possible future alterations.


Even though doing up the kitchen on your own helps to control the expenditure, you still need to budget to avoid overspending. Do not make the mistake of getting too carried away with unnecessary appliances and accessories.  You can start with a rough budget that takes into account the designed plan and assigned requirements. Then, save it in a spreadsheet so you can easily change the figures to match the amount you plan to spend on this construction/remodelling project.

List of Appliances

So you have an idea of what appliances you want in the kitchen. But you need to list it down to make it easier to designate the home appliances and utensils to the kitchen units you plan to install. Make sure that your prioritise functionality to avoid cluttering your kitchen. It is vital that the placements gives you the maximum performance from each appliance.

Electricity, Water, and Drainage Points

Do not forget about the electricity, water, and drainage points in the kitchen. Failure to take this into consideration can mean unsightly or costly repairs. Especially without full professional assistance, it is easy for these vital points to be forgotten and obstructed as a result. What you can do is to spare service space between kitchen units and walls for flexibility.

We hope this was helpful. Just make sure that you choose a good supplier to ensure that you have the ultimate freedom and control.

Building your own pool and what you need to know

If you are planning to construct a pool in your backyard or in any other personal area, it is certainly a dream come true. Whenever you are having a bad day, you can simply head to the swimming pool and spend time adding positivity to your life. Also, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to spend quality time, you can just head to the pool every day and unwind yourself from all the stress that you are dealing with. pool parties or hangout will not be a problem anymore. The bottom line is that having a pool will make your life so much better in every single way. However, when you are taking a step to build a pool, you need to stick to all the right rules so from step one so that there are no down comings in the final result. Yes, you need to do your research in the first place to know what you need to do, what you don’t need to do and what you should be careful from. Every single detail about the pool during construction and after construction matters. Taking care of all these factors will assure satisfaction, safety, everything and more that you are expecting from a pool. If you are facing the challenge of the construction process of a swimming pool, here are some of the things that you need to know to assure a quality output:

Quality services during construction

The final quality and everything about the safety of the pooldepends on the construction process and the quality of it.There is no other way to gain the best out of the pool that you are constructing but to gain the best services doing the construction of the pool. If a pool isn’t properly constructed, it will result in danger. Therefore, you should not take a risk but gain the services from the best CUSTOM SWIMMING POOL BUILDERS MELBOURNE . The right service from a well reputed company will build up a pool with all the required standards. Moreover, when the right services are gained, you have the chance of building up a swimming pool just the way you want it to be and at the same time, all the protentional hazards will be taken care of when the experts are at work.

Assure the safety of the pool

As much as there are many benefits that can be gained from a pool, it can also be dangerous. You need to assure that you always focus on boosting up the safety of the swimming pool. Make sure that you get the advice from the experts on how you need to ensure the safety. Make sure that you build a fence around the pool so that the ones who are not allowed into the pool are not given access. Moreover, it is important that you place safety equipment in your pool so that they can be used in case of emergency

5 Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Your home is where your heart is, and you would put a lot of thought and effort into making it the best place to be comfortable. You would want to get high-quality appliances for your bedroom and lounge room so that you can come home to a warm and relaxing evening. But there is also the costs of maintaining these comforts to think about. If you are not careful, your monthly utility bills could easily skyrocket, especially if you are not living alone and there is always at least one person in your household at any time of the day. To lessen the burden on your wallet, here are five ways that you can be more energy conscious.

                                                                        Image Source:  Pixabay

Turn It Off

You would most likely already have heard this hundred of times, whether it is from your mum or the media. If you are not using a room or an electric appliance, turn it off! Try to have everyone in one room during dinner, for instance. And if you are not using the hall or stairway, do not leave the lights on. Also, try not keep your devices charging overnight. Not only are these not cost-saving, it is also a complete waste of electricity.

Switch to CFL Lighting

Go to your home and check your lighting system. Are you still using incandescent light bulbs? Then that might be one of the culprits that are keeping your bills high. To save money and energy, you better switch to compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. They last around ten times longer while using only a quarter of energy compared to incandescent. And depending on the mood you want to set for the room, you can choose from a variety of shades, like warm white or cool white.

Reduce the Use of Electricity

Electricity is currently the most expensive fossil fuel-based energy. Unfortunately, there is still a long way for electricity to be generated fully by more renewable energy sources, in Australia and for the most part of the world. So switching to natural gas heaters would be a great idea! Having a gas fireplace would also be environmental-friendly because it produces the fewest by-products and emissions. You can also try converting your electric stoves to wood stoves, if the type of your home permits, or heating your water through solar thermal.

Proper Insulation

To keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, your home should be well-insulated and well-designed. Proper insulation will help retain the warmth of the heater or cool air of the air conditioner. That way, your appliances will work more efficiently without working too hard, and consequently, using a lot of energy. If you do this right, you can be looking at comfort and smaller bills all year long.

Use Star-Rated Appliances

If you are not already aware, energy efficient appliances are rated by the Energy Star program. It is that blue logo that you see on the packaging. Purchasing an Energy Star rated appliance will have features that will specifically use less energy, and that can only mean good savings for you in the long run.

Do not get blindsided by comfort alone when you are homemaking. Always make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. Your bank and family will thank you later that is a promise.

How to Avoid Excessive Heat During Summer

One of the most awaited seasons is summer; people look forward to spending time out in the sun, having picnics, lying on sandy beaches and getting their tan on. But intense heat and humidity during summer often makes it impossible to stay inside the house and relax, and makes it quite uncomfortable to sleep at night. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home cool during the summer.

Image Source: pixabay

Unwanted Heat

keeping your windows open, doors open or simply just keeping the window blinds open will bring in unwanted heat. It is necessary that all your windows be provided with effective shades, preferably in white so it does not attract heat. Delaying heat related activities will also be helpful, these may include leaving unwanted lights on, turning on the washing machine or dishwasher.


Ventilation systems are an easy method of getting rid of excessive heat. Ventilators are used to help reduce the temperature inside the house; it uses exhaust fans to remove the hot air and replace it with cold air which includes transferring of the moisture from the air to the usually less humid incoming air, leaving the humidity of the air inside the house more constant.

Air Conditioning

Buying yourself a new air conditioner that gets rid of high humidity is one of the most common solutions used during the summer. It is necessary to make sure that your air conditioner is placed in a room provided with a lot of shade as this increases its efficiency. Cleaning of the air conditioner each month is a must, as dust collects and reduces airflow each time you use it.

Long-Term Improvements

If none of these tips are the correct solution for you then you should probably consider long-term improvements to your home. Insulated window films are energy-saving and will reduce heat transfer, making it a good investment. Another long term method would be to plant trees in front of each window which has direct affect by sun light, this will not only block the sun and give you shade, but also it will reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.

Ceiling Fan

If you still haven’t found the best solution then the last resort would be fixing a ceiling fan, it is one of the most common and old-fashioned methods of keeping your house cool. It is necessary to get a ceiling fan that comes with a certain switch that will allow you to change the direction of which way the fan is rotating. During summer it would be more helpful to have the fan rotate anti-clockwise as this forces the air down, making the air cooler. It can also be beneficial during winter, by putting it to rotate clockwise, resulting in proper distribution of air and making sure the air does not directly hit you.

After carefully going through the above tips, experiencing heat will be the least of your worries. You will now be able to have a cool and comfortable home even during the summer!

Tips to Bear in Mind When Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating a house or part of a house can be just as stressful as building one from scratch. The more complex and delicate the area, the most difficult the job can be. However, provided you have a good, capable set of hands on deck as well as the right direction and knowledge, you should be able to get it done with minimum hassle and problems. Here, we will be looking at what is possibly one of the messiest renovating jobs after a bathroom… the kitchen. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen soon but are too overwhelmed to begin, here are a few tips that can guide you. No job is too big or small, as long you have the right tools at your disposal.
Image Source:pexels

Consult an Architect

Sure you might have an endless flow of ideas on what you would like to achieve at the end, but you need to consult an architect first. There will be certain legal requirements and building capacities that you will need to comply with which is information you need to get from a professional. You can of course speak freely with your architect and bounce ideas back and forth; ultimately, he/she will help make the final decisions on how you can renovate given your individual situation. Remember that you will need to get the necessary approvals from councils and other regulatory bodies so you cannot ignore this step.

Assess What Needs To Be Changed

One of the reasons people hate getting into not only kitchen renovations but any renovations for that matter, is because they find it hard to look away from what already exists. A good place to start, would be to jot down in point form what issues you had with the previous setup. Was it space? Was it the layout? Lighting? Take a walk around your kitchen and as you go, write down everything you think should and can be improved. These too can be discussed with your architect for a much more efficient and functional working design.

Connect To Your Lifestyle

There is absolutely nothing wrong with renovating, you just need to ensure the new kitchen will match your lifestyle. After all, there does not seem to be much sense in setting up a whole new design if it does not fit in with you and your family’s needs is there? Do not get carried away too much with excess space and the prospect of changing those tiles you once thought were a brilliant idea. Remain grounded and look to what matters the most. How will this kitchen allow you to utilise it with minimal hassle? You can also ask your family for input if that is an option.

Set a Budget

Of course last but certainly not the least, the all-important budget. Actually, you should be doing this first. You could have idea that’s stretch for days, but they will not be much use if you do not have the money to accommodate them all. So instead of being disappointed, why not be realistic and proactive by noting down your budget and then working around it? This way, both you and your architect will be able to come up with a sensible, practical design.

Ways to gain the dream look into your home

From younger days, we all have dreams of what our home will look like to be. There will come a point in your life when you move into your own house. You might have constructed the house just like you wanted it to be but what matters is the interior and the exterior; the way you arrange it. When you are making changes to your house, you have to ensure that you make all the right decisions because if not, you will not be able to live a quality lifestyle. You should prioritize the safety, the comfort, the way you feel and the looks of your house in every step that you take.

The furniture

The furniture that you use inside or outside your house has the ability to change the entire look of your house and even the way you feel therefore, be careful. When you are choosing a certain type of a furniture, there is a great deal of things that you need to take into consideration. If you are choosing furniture for indoor use, it will be a quite easy selection because the furniture that are used indoors does not have to deal with harsh weather conditions. However, you should always give the proper care to the furniture so that they will look good as new for ages.

The real challenge begins when you are in the search for outdoor furniture. Whether you want to use it in your backyard, porch, deck or anywhere else, you have to mindful. It is always best that you go for teak furniture because you will not have to worry about the weather damages since this type of furniture are resistant to most of the elements and there is certainly no need to worry about the luxurious and the elegant look of your house.


The space

As much as the furniture used in the house matters, the space in your house plays an equally important role. Beforebuilding the house or before purchasing a certain house, you have to check if you are satisfied with the available area. Youmust have dreamt of a house where you can be comfortable but it will be impossible to spendcomfortable and unwinding time at your house. In addition, when you are placing furniture, it is best that you leave some space between them. The more spacious your house is, the better you will feel. When you have enough space, your house will have a much organized look.

The colors

The colors that you use in your house does much more that add some color. The colors will change the way you feel and will affect your body. Select colors that has the possibility of brightening up your day because if not, you will not be able to be satisfied with the outcome of your house. When it comes to the colors that you use in your house, it is always best that you take the help of an expert.

Tips for Installing a New Floor

Installing new flooring can be tricky. Flooring a room is a complicated process that involves a number of intricacies. Therefore, homeowners must be careful before deciding to install new floors. Don’t do it impulsively. Think carefully in advance and do your research. If you are serious about adding new flooring to your home, here are several useful tips you should follow:


                                      Image source:

Evaluate Your Needs

Before you go shopping for new flooring material, you need to first understand what you want. Obviously, you will need the room to look appealing. But is that all? Are you looking for new flooring only because of design needs? Consider your kitchen for example. If you want new flooring for the kitchen, you might want to consider several things. You might want to buy material kinds might not slip on. Likewise, consider what you need out of each room before choosing a material.

Pick the Right Material for the Room

Once you know what each room has to handle, you need to pick the right material. Your kitchen, as mentioned above, is a place that will experience many spills, food residue on the floor, frequent visitors and pets and kids scampering for food. So, flooring material like carpeting will not be suitable for your kitchen. What would be better would be a hard substance that’s easy to clean, like tiles Brisbane. When you go about shopping for the material, make sure your choice aligns with the needs of the room.

Get Professional Advice

During the shopping process or even before, it’s best to seek professional advice from an experienced floor installer. Ask if it’s actually all right to remove flooring from a room and install new ones. In some houses, removing flooring could damage the foundation or the overall building plan. So, you need to get professional advice before you proceed with a purchase.

Learn How to Choose the Flooring You Really Need, Rather than Want

When you go shopping for flooring, it’s tempting to just choose a material or a design that you really like and want. Buying new flooring is not like buying new clothes. You cannot return the floor or discard it if you don’t like it. So, be very careful when making a purchase. Make sure your purchase is the one you need as well as want.

Know that There are a Number of Options Available

Nowadays, there are loads of options for homeowners. So, don’t restrict your choices to whatever was available during your parents’ time. If you want wooden floors that are easy to clean, you can go with ceramic faux wooden tiles. You can also wow guests by buying 3-D flooring. Consider such modern options before deciding on a material.

If Possible, Look at the Finished Floor in Advance

Some sellers can digitally stimulate how a room will look after a new floor has been installed. If this is an available option, don’t forget to try it out. It will allow you to change your mind if you don’t like what you see.

Simply put, don’t buy flooring without prior advice. Once you do buy it, don’ DIY and let the professionals handle it.

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