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Tips for Planning a Vacation to Australia in the Summer

Australia is a gorgeous country to travel in the summer. Of course, the summer in Australia is the season of Christmas. If you want to enjoy a sunny Christmas Down South, here are several tips that will be very useful:

Plan to Travel Only One Area at a Time

Remember that Australia is not a country, it’s a continent. You cannot visit all the famous places in one summer vacation without cramming your itinerary. It’s best to enjoy Australia one place at a time. Don’t worry about not having much to do. You can spend a long vacation just touring a city like Sydney or Melbourne. So, plan your itinerary to enjoy just one or two areas. Otherwise, you will be spending the time you should to relaxing catching flights all over Australia.

Read the Local Guides

Before you leave, read a travel guide online or in paperback. Find out about local attractions, restaurants, and places you can visit. For example, when you are planning a trip, find out about the things to do Melbourne before you leave. There are so many things that are not usually mentioned in tourist brochures that you can read about it online. Do your research so you don’t miss visiting a great place or an event.

Bring Your Prescription Slips

Australian government demands that travelers declare all prescribed medications to keep yourself brought from another country upon arrival. Though not required, it will help in case of a dispute if you have your original prescription with you. You can alternatively bring a letter from a doctor detailing your medical condition as well. Visit Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for more details on declaring prescription medication. Don’t forget that if you decide not to bring enough prescription refills, you will have to visit an Australia doctor and get a local prescription. This can be troublesome as the local doctor may need to do a complete diagnosis, and may not recognize the pharmaceutical brand names from your country.

Pack Plenty of Sunscreen

The Aussie sun can be pretty harsh. Before you plan your sunbathing sessions, check up with your hotel or locals whether the time you choose is suitable for sunbathing. Some areas may be declared unsafe for sunbathing due to particularly strong rays of the sun. It’s smart to keep your sunbathing sessions short. You should take breaks while you sunbathe to go into the shade to avoid getting a serious sunburn. It’s recommended to wear a hat under the Aussie sun. During all time spent outdoors in the sun, you should wear sunscreen that is at least SPF30+.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Public Transport

Unlike in some countries, Australia has a thriving public transportation sector. It’s far cheaper to take the bus or the train that to call an Uber. Aussie cities like Melbourne also have a fleet of ferries as well. If you are traveling on a budget, take public transport to save money and to travel in comfort.

Follow the above tips and you will get to enjoy a wonderful Australia summer vacation.