5 Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Your home is where your heart is, and you would put a lot of thought and effort into making it the best place to be comfortable. You would want to get high-quality appliances for your bedroom and lounge room so that you can come home to a warm and relaxing evening. But there is also the costs of maintaining these comforts to think about. If you are not careful, your monthly utility bills could easily skyrocket, especially if you are not living alone and there is always at least one person in your household at any time of the day. To lessen the burden on your wallet, here are five ways that you can be more energy conscious.

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Turn It Off

You would most likely already have heard this hundred of times, whether it is from your mum or the media. If you are not using a room or an electric appliance, turn it off! Try to have everyone in one room during dinner, for instance. And if you are not using the hall or stairway, do not leave the lights on. Also, try not keep your devices charging overnight. Not only are these not cost-saving, it is also a complete waste of electricity.

Switch to CFL Lighting

Go to your home and check your lighting system. Are you still using incandescent light bulbs? Then that might be one of the culprits that are keeping your bills high. To save money and energy, you better switch to compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. They last around ten times longer while using only a quarter of energy compared to incandescent. And depending on the mood you want to set for the room, you can choose from a variety of shades, like warm white or cool white.

Reduce the Use of Electricity

Electricity is currently the most expensive fossil fuel-based energy. Unfortunately, there is still a long way for electricity to be generated fully by more renewable energy sources, in Australia and for the most part of the world. So switching to natural gas heaters would be a great idea! Having a gas fireplace would also be environmental-friendly because it produces the fewest by-products and emissions. You can also try converting your electric stoves to wood stoves, if the type of your home permits, or heating your water through solar thermal.

Proper Insulation

To keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, your home should be well-insulated and well-designed. Proper insulation will help retain the warmth of the heater or cool air of the air conditioner. That way, your appliances will work more efficiently without working too hard, and consequently, using a lot of energy. If you do this right, you can be looking at comfort and smaller bills all year long.

Use Star-Rated Appliances

If you are not already aware, energy efficient appliances are rated by the Energy Star program. It is that blue logo that you see on the packaging. Purchasing an Energy Star rated appliance will have features that will specifically use less energy, and that can only mean good savings for you in the long run.

Do not get blindsided by comfort alone when you are homemaking. Always make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. Your bank and family will thank you later that is a promise.

Why Salons and Spas are Not a Necessity

There was a time, where for every occasion we had, be it a birthday party, graduation, or wedding, hours before the event, everyone we know would be getting dolled up at the nearest salon. But with today’s new equipment and technology, many people don’t find the need to run to a salon each time they have an important occasion or to a spa, when they feel like getting pampered. Let me enlighten you on how we can provide ourselves with the same services without having to spend as much money and in the comfort of your own home.

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Facials, Body Scrubs and Tans

In this day and age you can find and buy almost anything online. There are several different types of “face masks” available for people to purchase and get the same facial treatment they’d get at any spa. Clay masks, moisturizing masks, anti-acne masks and skin brightening masks, are some of them to name a few. Then we have body scrubs that can be quite expensive at spas. An alternate method would be to draw a soothing bath at home, let your body soak in it and then do some scrubbing of you own, making sure to apply body lotion or body oil right after to lock in the moisture, making your skin very soft and happy. Most of the people want beautiful bronze skin, and when the sun is not of much help, they turn to salons and there tanning booths, but there is another alternative that is quite famous and is done at home. Self tan, it is the application of chemicals to the skin to similar appearance to a suntan, and this is also a less risky method than using a tanning booth.


Manicures and Pedicures

Not going to lie, having your hands and feet rubbed by a professional feels amazing, but it is quite possible to get this done at home, by simply soaking your feet in a tub of warm water which includes an oil with a calming and nice fragrant, and the slough off the dead skin, then it’s time to trim your toenails, buff them, and push back your cuticles. Now there’s nothing left to do but add your choice of nail polish and keep your toes to dry. Manicures can be tricky unlike pedicures, they take some practice and I wouldn’t recommend doing your own acrylic nails, as it can get very complicated, but with the help of a few videos and trying it out yourself a couple of times you should be able to get the hang of it.


Makeup and Hair Dos

This is particularly one of the main reasons why people visit salons. Makeup has become an obsession for many and why wouldn’t it? There are so many different products and brands to choose from. But the availability of the products is not the reason many go to salons; it’s to get the professionals to do perfect make up on you. But new technology has found methods to do that without having to leave your premises, simply just typing in makeup videos online, will open up a whole new makeupworld that will teach you how to do your make up like the professionals. The same is provided when it comes to hair dos. Video bloggers providing you with every tiny detail as to how you can obtain that perfect hair do.

How to Avoid Excessive Heat During Summer

One of the most awaited seasons is summer; people look forward to spending time out in the sun, having picnics, lying on sandy beaches and getting their tan on. But intense heat and humidity during summer often makes it impossible to stay inside the house and relax, and makes it quite uncomfortable to sleep at night. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home cool during the summer.

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Unwanted Heat

keeping your windows open, doors open or simply just keeping the window blinds open will bring in unwanted heat. It is necessary that all your windows be provided with effective shades, preferably in white so it does not attract heat. Delaying heat related activities will also be helpful, these may include leaving unwanted lights on, turning on the washing machine or dishwasher.


Ventilation systems are an easy method of getting rid of excessive heat. Ventilators are used to help reduce the temperature inside the house; it uses exhaust fans to remove the hot air and replace it with cold air which includes transferring of the moisture from the air to the usually less humid incoming air, leaving the humidity of the air inside the house more constant.

Air Conditioning

Buying yourself a new air conditioner that gets rid of high humidity is one of the most common solutions used during the summer. It is necessary to make sure that your air conditioner is placed in a room provided with a lot of shade as this increases its efficiency. Cleaning of the air conditioner each month is a must, as dust collects and reduces airflow each time you use it.

Long-Term Improvements

If none of these tips are the correct solution for you then you should probably consider long-term improvements to your home. Insulated window films are energy-saving and will reduce heat transfer, making it a good investment. Another long term method would be to plant trees in front of each window which has direct affect by sun light, this will not only block the sun and give you shade, but also it will reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.

Ceiling Fan

If you still haven’t found the best solution then the last resort would be fixing a ceiling fan, it is one of the most common and old-fashioned methods of keeping your house cool. It is necessary to get a ceiling fan that comes with a certain switch that will allow you to change the direction of which way the fan is rotating. During summer it would be more helpful to have the fan rotate anti-clockwise as this forces the air down, making the air cooler. It can also be beneficial during winter, by putting it to rotate clockwise, resulting in proper distribution of air and making sure the air does not directly hit you.

After carefully going through the above tips, experiencing heat will be the least of your worries. You will now be able to have a cool and comfortable home even during the summer!

Dressing For a Formal Event

The first thing to consider when dressing for an event is the invitation. Is it semi-formal? Black tie? Also consider the hosts, the theme and the setting of the party. Whether you are hosting, attending or merely accompanying someone, dressing appropriately is important. You do not want to look too underdressed for a formal event. Being overdressed is always advisable as you can convert your formal look to a less formal one at any time, simply by getting rid of a few pieces such as a jacket or a tie.
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Preparation Is Key

Is the event a wedding? A dinner party? A graduation ball? Dress accordingly. If you have limited experience dressing for formal events, you can always check with the hosts or ask around for advice. No one will judge you if the invitation does not mention the dress code and you are unsure about the attire. Planning your outfit beforehand is especially important for a formal event and you do not want to rush around at the last minute.

Stick to the Dress Code
Normally it is easier to dress for a formal event than for a casual one, as there is a dress code to follow. You might find that it is impossible to stick to a personal style as the dress code demands a sense of uniformity. For instance, you cannot afford to dress too flamboyantly for a traditional wedding. You could always rent a suit or tux if you cannot afford one or have no time. The secret to this style is to blend in rather than stand out.

Black tie is a formal affair and you will be expected to look elegant and well groomed. The preferred attire for men is a suit, also called a tux in America. A black evening jacket, black trousers, waistcoat and white dress shirt are staples for this outfit. A black bow tie and mens shoes complete the look. Choose a well-shined pair of black Oxfords, which are light on the feet and will let you glide effortlessly on the dance floor. White tie events are rare these days and most people will probably never have to attend one in their life. White tie is more formal than black tie and the chosen attire for men is the tailcoat.

For a more relaxed setting such as an intimate dinner party, choose a dark suit or an evening shirt with black trousers. A tie is optional. For a daytime affair you could try a suit in a lighter shade. Just remember to avoid jeans! This look has gained popularity over the past decades as dress standards have become more laid-back. Thus you need not worry about renting or buying a suit. Just pay attention to the colour scheme and stay away from bold prints and bright colours. As for shoes and accessories, match a leather belt and a pair of dressy shoes with your outfit. Wear black or dark brown shoes with a pair of dark coloured socks.
Dressing for a formal event can be an enjoyable experience. Keep it simple, yet classy.