Think now for a better tomorrow

Transportation is a mandatory requirement for us and living without mobility is highly unlikely in nowadays, because most of our day to day activities and agendas are consisting or require mobility. Today’s world is moving fast towards the future and day by day it is acquiring or reaching new things, new ideas, new inventions, new technologies and day by day the needs of people and requirements of new things are increasing in an incremental manner and those things have become bread and butter to be in par with the current corporate world or compete in this competitive markets.

Furthermore, people’s demands are rising and the supply is being challenged every single day because it is nearly unachievable. People are using various transportation modes or mechanisms to fulfill their needs of mobility. For examples, public transportation such as trains, bus or more personalize modes such as taxies or use of your own vehicles. Recent researches shows that the number of vehicles entering in to cities has been increased and maybe in few years there is a high chance of increased traffic jams which will be challenged to be controlled by even our local traffic police.

Hence, we need to act now and seek for better solutions rather than just waiting until someone or the government to find alternatives or acts towards these concerns upfront without waiting till the last minute. Use of public transportation is an ideal solution to reduce the number of vehicles entering in to cities, however, most of the individual vehicle users who comes by their own personal vehicles are not willingly like to drive and come to work, they are compelled to use their own personal vehicles because the current public transportation mechanisms are not organized enough or not being managed properly by the respective authorities, else why would someone spend his or her own money on fuel, maintenance and by car parts as and when needed during a repair and still come to office in their personally owned vehicle?

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There are number of difficulties which are being faced by people who are travelling on a daily basis. Most of the time the trains or buses are crowded and in case you get a chance to squeeze in, you will come out when you come closer to your bus halt or stop with great difficulty and your entire morning will be ruined by crushing all your properly ironed dresses and sweat all around you. Would anyone like to start their day with a similar way? The simple answer is “NO”.

Therefore, it is really important to find a permanent solution for these kinds of situations, hence making things right and making peoples ride comfortable and timely will increase the willingness to travel via public transportation because the costs are comparatively low with other modes of transportation. There are other options also, such as pooling their vehicles with someone who comes to work in bus or train or cycling helps to reduce the number of vehicles reaching cities. Lastly, it is our responsibility to help respective authorities and government to manage our currently available infrastructure and resources wisely for a better, smoother and greener environment for us and for our next generation.