What Every New Biker Needs to Know

Stop! Don’t get on that bike just yet. You need to make sure you’re going about your riding correctly. There are far too many mistakes that you can make in how you ride and what you wear. Some of these can be potentially fatal. Some of your riding habits may even be bad for your bike. Whether you have been doing this for years or decades, or whether you’ve just begun, it pays to be safe and go by the book.Take just a few minutes to stop and think about your riding habits and attire. Read ahead for some information on how you can be careful and competent with your motorcycle.

Wear the Right Gear

Of course, you probably don’t leave home without your helmet, and that’s good practice, leave aside how it’s the law. It’s important that you always have your helmet on, even if you’re just heading out on a short trip. It’s also good practice to wear motorbike gloves and boots, and clothing that can protect you just in case you meet with an accident. If you have ever taken a spill while riding, then you’re most likely all too familiar with the pain and blood. Well, do yourself a favour then and wear all the right gear to make sure that if you do indeed hit the floor, you will minimise your injuries.

Your Bike Needs a Doctor Too

Well, in the sense that it needs regular check-ups and maintenance, much like you do. In addition to keeping your bike clean, you need to check that it is in working order that all the parts are in good condition, and so on. If anything is not in good shape, you can catch it early and have it seen to. This way, you won’t need to replace broken or worn out parts and spend a ton of money just on repairs and mechanics. Not maintaining your bike this extensively means it won’t last as long as it can, or at least many of its components won’t. Check tyre pressure, oil levels, brake function, and the chain drive. Make sure lights are functional and bright enough, and be sure to know the safety standards so that you always adhere to them.

Ride Extra Carefully

More than with any other vehicle on the road, you are at high risk of injury and even fatality on a bike. The truth is, this isn’t always about how well you ride. You can follow the rules to the letter when you’re on the road, but not everyone else will. This means that you are in danger even if you’re the best rider. In fact, often it’s the best riders that tend to get a little too comfortable and forget to be completely vigilant. One slightly tipsy driver, or a signal light a second too late can cost you dearly. Even if you are parked, failing to be alert can be dangerous. So always make sure that you are giving the road your full attention, even when you are at a standstill. Follow the rules for safe and lawful riding at all times.

Though there are plenty of other tips that can help you be a good rider, these few will go a long way to keep you and your bike safe.